Sales driving Game for football season

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Hey guys, Football season is about to start and we are looking to drive sales with a site wide football based competition.. what ideas have you used in the past for games that work?

How about a season-wide incentive based on the Champions League?

There could be three phases:

- Phase One: Qualifying Round - Each agent who achieves (100%/110%/120%) of their target* during this phase will qualify for (a bonus/prize)

- Phase Two: Group Stage - Sort the agents into groups, either by team or cross-team groups, perhaps with agents who performed well in the previous phase being 'seeded' in this phase. The top* few agents from each group will qualify for a bonus or prize

- Phase Three: Knockout Stage - Arrange the agents in a single-elimination tournament, with high-performing agents 'seeded' as before and byes given as appropriate to balance the numbers. Each week, the agent who performs best* goes through to the next round. The overall winner could win a star prize such as a holiday for two

*You could base the performance criteria solely on attainment of target; we found that incorporating weightings for timekeeping, attendance, quality scores and adherence to CPD plan (in terms of logged CPD hours) helped to drive desired behaviours and improvement.

This idea is based on a proposal I put forward during my time in an outbound sales-focussed call centre in Glasgow.

Hope this gives you some inspiration!

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