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Sales Team Metrics
Hi guys, need some input. We have a new sales initiative which has been running for several months. This is a new direction for our contact centre, so we are currently using some of the calling metrics which our outbound department has previously used to measure our productivity (calls completed, successful calls), but we realise that they are not really fit for purpose. We are predominately outbound, but we also receive inbound queries from active leads. As part of the open lead management process, we follow up with customers at given intervals. Our main challenge is how we measure the calls per agent on a daily basis - should we only look at calls made from the list of prospects, or should we also factor in the follow-up calls which we make to our open leads? Any insight would be welcome!


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Similar metrics to customer service
A number of the metrics are going to be very similar to customer service

- Quality Scores
- Customer Satisfaction
- Listening Skills
- Rapport Building

In addition there will be a number of sales specific metrics
- Sales volume
- Number of sales
- Calls made per week
- Handling objectives

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