Sceduling Avaya Reports

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Sceduling Avaya Reports

Anybody tried scheduling the scripts to auto generate Reports from Avaya CMS Supervisor.


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Scheduling Avaya Reports
The only way I've been able to do this is using a freeware scheduling tool from the net, although windows scheduler will suffice. We set the scheduler to trigger a vbs script that ran each CMS script in turn.

I'm sure that there are better ways in doing this but time was of the essence.

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You should have designing rights in Avaya.
Once you have it, open a report and hit the required tab/button to extract the report. There you should see a button called script. Hit it.

You can schedule the scripts prepared by Microsoft Scheduler. This automation could be done to run 365 days a year without any human intervention. You need to also have a good knowledge of preparing macros in Excel.

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