Scenario to test a Workforce Planner

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Scenario to test a Workforce Planner
Hi all - We are about to embark on recruitment for a workforce planner. We've had very limited experience of WFM, and currently are just using excel speadsheets for rotas, with no actual 'forecasting. Our call-centre has around 100 agents, delivering around 30 services mainly by voice, but also some webchat. Having not had much experience in this, I'd like to get some opinion on some interview questions, and particularly a scenario, on which to rate the candidates' skills/expertise.


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A couple of ideas
1. I would ask them to do an Excel test. Something like doing a pivot table report would be a good idea.

2. Perhaps something based on an Erlang calculation.

e.g. There are 250 calls per half hour. With a AHT of 355 Seconds and a 90/15 service level how many agents are needed. This can test their understanding of shrinkage and occupancy.

3. Maybe show them your ACD stats for a day and ask how these could be improved?

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