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I am trying to find out a calculation or method for calculating schedule efficiency for shifts for call takers. Does anyone have any idea if there is a recognised calculation or any bespoke methods out there would be equally helpful - thanks


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Are you looking at schedule accuracy or are you looking at shrinkage and adherence?

Hi Jonty

I am looking at schedule accuracy - thanks


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I've not seen a formula for schedule accuracy, but I guess that you need to look at over and under-staffing.

Under-staffing is the more serious and should show up in service level, average wait time and abandon rates.

Over staffing would show up as the amount of idle time and shrinkage.

Perhaps you could look at all the factors and do a weighted average.

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MAPE is often used I think, essentially the % variance in scheduled staff vs. required for every interval of the day. You can also do this just on the pure volume variance, which might be more useful if you have some very low required numbers for intervals.

Alternatively, you could review number of intervals within a degree of variance.

Question 2) To what requirement of agents (Count), you have scheduled 150 agents considering a 15% shrinkage. SL target for the business is 80/20 & occupancy target at 84%.

Insufficient data to calculate.
128 agents
172 agents.
146 agents.
None of the above.


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The question does not make sense
I don't think that the question makes sense.

Where does the question come from?

So my answer would be "Insufficient data to calculate".

If you want to see how occupancy and shrinkage work use an Erlang Calculator but you need the number of calls as well as the AHT

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