selecting recruitment companies, what do you think ?

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selecting recruitment companies, what do you think ?
I have a question for you guys (or maybe a few!). When you go about selecting recruitment companies to deal with, how do you go about it and do you use differnet companies for differing levels of position? I suppose also another relevent question is why do you use them! I tend to find that in this game its generally good talkers on the phone who can make a fairly accurate match to a spec with a cv, but the funny thing how do they know whether the person is right when they dont know the market place, or specifically work in one sector, the funny thing is even they dont know how they do it and cant explain any specific methodology, please stop me if you think I am talking rubbish. Does anyone know how they actually do this? is it just searching a database with a word search. I am fairly sure that whatever you may think 90% of agencies generally get a CV by hook or by crook, not even meet the person, somethimes not even speak to them, change the CV etc (you know what I mean) and send them over and hope one sticks. Do you actually have any idea what you are actually paying for? Dont worry this is leading somewhere I am just interested to hear your thoughts.


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Recruitment consultancies and their wily ways
Hi Adam,

Although I generally wouldn't use recruitment companies unless really stuck, the fact remains that they are there and a fact of life. Like so many other aspects of the modern workplace, there are good and there are bad recruitment consultancies. Some do indeed specialise in particular areas and do well; others diversify by growth and cover a lot of different market sectors. Others just simply try to match up buzzwords in requirements to phrases contained within CVs.

Sadly, in my own experience, most agencies simply match the buzzwords. Many agencies will use whatever means necessary to 'harvest' the CVs; I've come across some agencies telephoning me for roles in places I wouldn't work, for rates I wouldn't consider, and in skills I don't have. I think it's a numbers game. I've even had to threaten some rogue agencies (who shall remain nameless lest I get in trouble ;-) under the terms of the UK copyright laws and the DPA to get them to remove my CV from lists of CVs which they've sold - in breach of best practise, I'd say...

However, big companies like to outsource things, and recruitment is a prime candidate for this; agencies do the leg work, find the candidates, arrange the paperwork and the big companies pay. Sounds fair to me. However, I do often wonder if the big companies truly get value for their money. The new agency regulations which are being introduced will change everything, and draconian and counter-productive legislation such as the much-hated IR35 rules will place agencies under a new kind of pressure.

Sorry to get so down on recruitment agencies, but my experiences have not always been good. Actually, I'm struggling to think of anything good to say!

Recruiting people,come on, chip in, defend yourselves!!!


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Don't trust them
I have had experience with some LARGE recruitment agencies, they are very sneaky in their ways. The agency offered to do the testing of candidates for us ( we had phone tests etc ) and we kept getting excellent results from all candidates. This was no surprise however seeing as they let you take the test over and over until your score is high ( I know I signed up with them ). Also we requested specific types of people and experience and they just seemed to send all the CV's they have on their database regardless of the skills. Another thing they done is told people the pay was more than what it was to get them to us for an interview ( poosibly in the hope the person would lower their rates if they liked it ) this was very disconcerting as we usually toldthem the salary at the end of the interview and it made both us and them feel it was a complete waste of time.

I think on the whole you need to remember one thing they are SALES people and nothing more, they sell people. They will do anything toget your money.

They actually came to us sat down took loads of notes about the business and its culture spent time in the departments and still sent through a load of bad candidates.

I can think of one good thing though if you don't buy any of their "products" for a while they take you out to lunch etc to butter you up a bit !!.

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