Selection Criateria for Chat and E-Mail Agents

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Selection Criateria for Chat and E-Mail Agents
I manage a relatively small center (200 agents, three sites) handling fairly complicated advocacy issues for beneficiaries seeking information on healthcare benefits delivery (we serve a government-funded contract, we do not sell anything). We are planning to roll out additional contact options to our callers (web-chat and e-mail). We seek some recommendations of testing tools that will:

1. Help to select agents from our current staff to handle web-chat and e-mail;

2. Help us to select new candidates, when hiring, who are adept (good balance of writing speed, accuracy, grammar / spelling, word-use and communication).

We DO plan to supplement the program with pre-defined messages and text insertions, but issues we handle may be complex and may require the responding agents to ad lib. Thank you for your help!

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I can't answer your actual question I'm sorry. But I would suggest that you plan on the agents having to type frequently. We have templates defined but you would be surprised at the 'interesting' questions we get asked.

Be sure to test your agents for typing speed too if they will be handling chats, as hunt and peck typing takes too long in chat and will cause the customer to become frustrated.

Best of Luck!



I train agents for this kind of project-and I agree with you on the second point-One of the interesting features will be to train them on formats of emails and the style-more so the the "tone " of the mail-



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You could use a job matching assessment to identify which job best fits each employee. You can also use it to identify who should be hired.



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Hi Donna,

The best way to test for webbased call centres would be:

1. Keyboard skills ( min 25wpm)
2. Multiple browser usage exposure
3. Knowledge of shortcut keys
4. Basic hardware and operating system basics
5. Key word search capabilities - competency in formation of key words for webmining
6.Language skills - grammar, comprehension and precis
7.Business correspondence etiquette
8.Email management tools familiarity

I think this will ensure that you have the right person for the job. However the basic skill set required is the CCP technology competency - CUT , COPY and PASTE mastery


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Hi Donna

I don,t know whether this is of help but we deal with an application called atmyside which is an Online Customer Services solution dealing with text chat and a whole lot of other solutions
If you would like a chat my number is 0208 326 8247 or

Kind Regards

John Nutley

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