Selective Recording / Quality Management

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UK Retail Organisation

Selective Recording / Quality Management
I hope someone can assist a humble accountant.

I am the Finance representative on a project team working toward the replacement of our (a large UK Retail organisation) Call Centre's ACD.

As part of the justification for the new equipment I am preparing a Cost-Benefit Analysis for the potential inclusion of a Selective Recording/Quality Management module, which will enable our Supervisors to evaluate individual agents' performance through recording their conversations and capturing the keystrokes used to complete a transaction.

This information would then be used to give feedback to agents on their performance, and to improve training through the use of "live" examples. This should result in more Query calls being resolved on first contact with the customer, thereby reducing the number of calls handled per annum and consequently the staffing levels required.

Is anybody aware of any quantitative evidence of how this type of feedback influences agents' performance?

Account Manager

Business Systems UK

Selective Recording Quality Management
Hi Steve

Look no further,this is an area we have been dealing with since 1987 we have recently implemted this type of technology for Tesco,s scottish call centre
if you would like to call me my direct contact number is 020 8326 8247 or
We can also help to Build a Return of Investment document to support your efforts.

Kind Regards

John Nutley

Account Director

Verint Systems


You seem to have a clear idea of what you expect such a system to bring to your organisation:

"give feedback to agents on their performance"
"more Query calls being resolved on first contact"
"reducing the number of calls handled per annum and consequently the staffing levels required"

The area of Quality Management is intinsically linked with the core values and overall performance of a company. It stretches beyond the Call Centre as invariably this is the first point of contact for many customers. If viewed in isolation any technology will fail in its implementation if it doesn't at least meet the formula of -

Business Goals X Perfomance

Cost (initial & ongoing)

The questions which need to be addressed in supporting your business and also allowing for a Cost Benefit Analysis also need to cover (amongst others):

Is lowering the talk time enhancing your brand?
Do your customers value the contact they have with the agents?
Do you have the Management structure (Training/Quality) in place to actively identify and support this technology and the benefits it will deliver?
Can recording of calls (and investment required) also provide the business with other 'diamonds' or Business Intelligence? in addition to agent performance/reduction?



Verint Systems (formerly Comverse Infosys) manufacture and provide a comprehensive rangeof solutions for Agent Quality perfomance that encompasses Voice/Data & Multimedia capture for call centres.

Tel : 01923 717300

Business Development Manager

Magnetic North Software Ltd.

Call Recording and quality monitoring
Hi there,

My name is Nick brown and I work for Magnetic North. I would like to introuduce magnetic North's Call Recording and Quality Monitoring Solution Optimise;
Optimise is a web-based voice and screen recording solution that provides call centres an excellent barometer of organizational performance by monitoring the quality of calls. Optimise automates objective quality measurement freeing up valuable management time.
Optimise consolidates traditional quantitative Performance Analysis with qualitative data. Cutting edge Internet technology provides voice & screen playback synchronization allowing users the flexibility to access calls & results globally.
As Optimise will selectively record and store calls based upon a multitude of user-defined patterns. This effectively releases the key personnel in a contact centre to concentrate on their core business activities when they are most needed.
Supervisors and team-leaders can then set up templates, which are a series or collection of questions that should form part of the agent's interaction with the customer. The questions can be appropriately weighted to reflect the importance of the article to which they refer. Optimise will automatically calculate a percentage score based upon this formula.
Key Features
Low Cost of Ownership - thin Client architecture means no client installs, fast deployments and simple upgrades. Calls recorded in ASF format for easy web-storage and streaming playback.

Access - via any Personal Computer with a Web Browser and Internet access, allowing Agent calls to be graded anytime anywhere.
Agents, reviewers, and managers have unlimited ability to retrieve voice/data sessions as well as scores.

Open Standards - designed using standard industry technology reducing installation and training costs.
Patterns - can be configured to operate on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis and can be set on a Per Agent, Across Teams, or until monitoring objectives are reached. Minimum and maximum call duration settings automatically filter out unwanted calls.
Native CTI integration - allows for recording based upon events such as callers number (CLI), dialled number (DNIS), Call reason, Call Type (ACD, DN, etc)
'Record me now' - allows staff to use Optimise to support them on difficult calls.
API Initiated Recording - allows for automated voice and/or data capture at Pivotal points in customer desktop applications.
Optional Screen recording - offers customers true visibility of agent activity and 360º quality management. Selective screen recording can be applied to specific monitoring voice call patterns or application triggered.
I trust that this has provided you with a useful overview and hope that you can contact me for futher information,

Kind Reagrds,

Nick Brown,

0116 225 3013


DND Services

Nick please note.
Please be careful about where you post your adverts. As you post does not attempt to anser the original question please make use of the advertising area ONLY for 'global' ads like these.

Lastly, members email adressesses are NOT to be used for spam.



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