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Self Assessment
I work in a call centre and have been challenged to develop a process which agents can listen and grade there own calls using the monitoring process which already exsists at department level.
The findings of these calls will be bought to the agents one to one for disscussion with the agents respective supervisor.
Any thoughts on how this can be made to work would be helpfull.

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Self Assessment
Hi David

I don,t know whether i can can help but i work for an organisation which deals with voice recording quality monitoring systems for contact centres if you would like to contact me my direct telephone number is 020 8326 8247 email
Infact we are running some roadshows which are dealing with Quality Management for call centre success

Kind Regards

John Nutley

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Self assessment
We are a manufacturer of voice recording equipment amongst other things.We have a single extension call recorder which will allow the agents to listen to and monitor there own calls,These are only £299.00 PlEASE CONTACT ME SHOULD YOU REQUIRE FURTHER INFORMATION


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True Self Assessment
David Hi.

Whilst the process of recording etc is important David, IMHO the CRITICAL part of any review process is the types of questions asked. Your questions must be tailored to reflect both your internal needs AND the needs of your customers - otherwise you will never 'really' improve just get better numbers.

We have a product that allows your staff to review their own performance, complete with targeted action lists but that also allows you to review the performance of the whole team to the point where you can pick up trends BEFORE they impact customers.


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