Seltek Scrolling Wallboard

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Seltek Scrolling Wallboard

Someone I know would like the message changing on a Seltek Scrolling Wallboard. Model number BCL/A/01.00 [I1].

When you turn it on it reads, "SDX ACD version 2.00a4 Text Wallboard"

I cannot find anything on Google at all! Can anyone point me in the right direction software, manual? Anything?!


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SDX Wallboard manager
I think that you control if from your ACD system - which in your case could be an Avaya (Lucent)/ SDX INDeX .

Lookup "INDeX Wallboard Manager" on Google and that might point you in the right direction.

SDX Wallboard
Many thanks! I'll try it

No joy
Hello again,

Finally got a cable I need to plug it into my laptop but cannot find any software at all. They all want an account - I obviously have the hardware so thought I must be able to get something to change the message :(


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Contact Avaya
It's probably worth contacting Avaya.

All of the docs that I can find online seem to suggest that it was from 2005 and runs under Windows 2000 (before Windows XP). Given that Windows XP is no obsolete, I would guess that the wallboard is no longer supported, but worth checking.

Thank you but I can't get in touch without an account :(

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