Service Grade Calculation

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Service Grade Calculation

How to calculate service grade in call-centre-helper-erlang-calculator-v5-2.xlsm?

It's not clear to me just what "service grade" means...

Any suggestions appreciated




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Answer for Service Grade Calculation
Grade of Service is working out the percentage of calls answered within the service level threshold.

The most common target for grade of service is 80% of calls answered in 20 seconds. So if you take 20 seconds as the threshold the grade of service calculation would give you the percentage of calls that were answered in 20 seconds.

More details here

Using MECE principles for Problem resolution
I am looking to improve Grade of Service from x% to Y%.
As part of the analytical approach I want to detail what constitutes MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE AND COLLECTIVELY EXHAUSTIVE (MECE) categories here. before I get down into the Issues Trees.
Can anyone assist in this respect?
would propose AHT for different call categories but does it meet MECE?

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