Service Level

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Service Level
Our service level target is 80% for the month with the daily volumes how to project the SLA to be achieved everyday to close the month at 80%


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Work out the ratio of ongoing calls answered within service level
You need to work out the ratio of calls answered within service level to those not in service level.

Just build a simple spreadsheet that shows the number of calls answered in Service Level vs the number of calls outside Service Level.

Day Total Calls Calls in service Level Calls answered outside Service Level Service Level
Monday 6883 5672 1211 82.4%
Tuesday 5788 4267 1521 73.7%
Wednesday 5029 4106 923 81.6%
Thursday 4210 3854 356 91.5%
. . .
Rest of month 119410 95843 23567 80.3%

Total for month 141320 113742 27578 80.5%

Service Level
Can someone share a excel forecasting template for volume AHT and service levels for daily interval and monthly

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