Setting up a Call Centre from scratch

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Hi there, recently started a new position where I need to set up a small call centre and need help in the telephony area. Starting small with a few agents but need the ability to expand quite quickly up to 10 or more. Need a basic IVR option with a callback function and the ability for agents to make outbound calls as well. Any suggestions would be great.

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There are plenty of options out there for small operations such as this. On the very cheapest scale you can use Skype. If you are looking for IVR in-bound and out-bound I would look at cloud and hosted solutions, these provide the functionality of on-promise solutions but do not require the capital expenditure of bringing in the software personally.

The benefit of these companies as well is that they are very flexible so if you need to increase the number of agents it is very simple. You pay per user per agent which might be better.

There are some decent groups on linkedin which I think will also help. Any questions more than happy to help.

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You probably have made a decision on this since you posted 2 weeks ago.

However the only option in my mind for a small contact centre that has the flexibilty to expand, rapidly whilst not affecting customer service or requiring you to completely re configure your IVR and callback functions, would be one of a hosted nature.

I would suggest a pay as you go version as you'll have no capex / setup fees and won't incure additional license fee costs if and when you expand.

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