Sharing best practice

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Sharing best practice
I am looking to change our method of contact centre training. I want to move away from spending too long in the classroom. I already do a blended learning approach using shadowing, role play, online learning etc...

What I would really like to do is visit other contact centres to gain an understanding of different training methods and techniques. If anyone would be open to this then I would love to hear from you.


Site Visits
There are two main methods that could work for you

1. Site Visits. Both the Planning Forum and the CCMA plan a series of site visits to their members. These can be very informative.

2. If you are looking for training methods, then probably connecting to people on LinkedIn who have that in their job description may work best.

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Thank you for your r...
Thank you for your reply Jonty.
I have already looked at those two sites and unfortunately I don't have any budget to become a member. I will investigate LinkedIn further to see if I can find anything there.

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