Shift Bidding WFM

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Shift Bidding WFM

We are currently looking for WFM options that have a shift bidding functionality.

Is anyone currently using a WFM that they would recommend which has this?


shift bidding
We use Aspect


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Lots of companies offer this facility
Probably the best approach would be to go through the directory to find one that meets you needs.

Shift Bidding
I would recommend that you have a clear set of requirements from Shift Bidding as platform holders can implement things in different ways that may or may not work in your environment.

Aspect shift bidding is a little clunky (used V18)
As Leila has stated Aspect does have a module to allow shift bidding and whilst I haven't used the shift bidding feature in Aspect V20, I found previous versions to be a clunky process.

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