Should a Contact Centre Manager take calls?

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contact centre manager take calls.
I work in a call centre, with a serious staff shortage. I was wondering if as manager to jump on and help with the call when really busy.

Contact Centre Manager Taking Calls.
I am a CC Manager myself and can see it from both ends. I will always chip in and answer calls when the floor is thin on the ground as ultimately the main responsibility of the role is to answer the phone if customers are waiting. But from a Management perspective, it is extremely counteractive. If a Contact Centre is short staffed then the Manager does need that time to pull away so he can sort the staffing issue. It is impossible for them to do that if they spend their day answering calls. Overall, yes a Manager should be willing to jump in and answer calls if needed. But it completely hinders their ability to manage and coach staff as you cannot devise and implement new strategies or create new training modules they spend their day on the phone.


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You should lead from the front
I agree with Kieran

You should lead from the front and be seen to chip in when things get busy. This sends a very powerful message.


If you have a staff shortage then your primary job as a manager is to ensure that you have enough staff. You need to make your Top Priorities are
1. Convincing senior management that you need extra staff if they have not already approved extra heads.
2. Recruiting additional staff to fill any vacancies. (This is a time consuming process but is very, very important).
3. Make sure that your employees are as happy as they can be and stop them leaving. (This may involve looking at shift patterns and workload)

Hope this helps

Furthering On
Furthering on from what Jonty had to say. It is very difficult to find that balance between the two. You do have to swallow some abandon calls in order to give yourself that time to address the staffing issues. My advice is to have a contingency plan in place where customers enter a callback queue to prevent an abandon, alternatively manually calling them back so you get no customers being left on a loose end.

Another bit of advice is to always keep senior management in the loop with what your plans are. Let them know you are having staffing issue and present them with your contingency plan so they know you are already working on eradicating the issue. This will fill senior management with great amounts of confidence with your planning.

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