Should Occupancy's HT include the "ready" time?

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Should Occupancy's HT include the "ready" time?
My call center platform provider provides reports that pretty much divides an agent's time in:

- Not Ready, or the time in the bathroom, lunch, break, etc.
- Ready, or available to receive or make a call
- Busy

The formula for occupancy in this site says that Talk, Hold and ACW are added, and divided by logon time. Of course, it's cleat that my NOT READY TIME must not be added to the numerator. But what about the READY TIME?


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Total handling time
Total handling time does not include Ready as it is not related to taking calls.

Total handling time = Busy + ACW

Here is the formula

It's important that you do not confuse occupancy and shrinkage.

thank you, I've got it.

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