Shrinkage Calculation Breakdown

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Hi. In an article it states the correct way to calculate shrinkage is as follows "70/(1-0.3) = 100." Can you break the calculation down for me as we typically state shrinkage is 30% and when others complete the calculation, we are told our staffing requirements are incorrect.

If you can tell me the definition/purpose of each number in the equation, it will be beneficial.



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Start with 100 then take off the shrinkage.
So if you have 100 and take off 30% shrinkage then you get 70.

The reason why you divide is that if you start with 70 and simply add on 30% you get 91 (which is wrong) - [30% of 70 is 21 , add on 70 = 91]

So the formula is 70 x 100 /(100-30) = 100

Which if you divide top and bottom by 100 can be written as 70 x 1 (1-0.3) = 70 / 0.7 = 100

I hope that helps

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