Shrinkage Calculation with Leave Considerations

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Hi all, I'm working on a shrinkage report - which I've always understood as paid time that isn't spent doing the core role - so for agents anytime spent away from the phones.

My query is around leave - whilst I would include paid leave as shrinkage, what do I do in respect to TOIL (time off in Lieu)?

For example if I have 10 agents working 7.5 hour shifts for 5 days a week, I have a total of 375 paid hours that week. If one agents was on leave all week, that gives me a total of 37.5 hours leave, which when divided by the paid hours gives me shrinkage of 10%.

Now, if an agent worked an additional 5 hours at the beginning of the week, and took them back as TOIL at the end of the week - does this need to be factored into shrinkage.

Whilst additional leave from TOIL is taken, overall I haven't lost any hours this week other than the one person having leave all week, so I am thinking my shrinkage for leave should remain at 10%.

If I was to increase the total hours scheduled by 5, and the leave taken by 5 (so 380 and 42.5), I'd end up with shrinkage of 11.2%, but this gives me a skewed picture of what is going on.

The same issue would arise with lateness - I'm thinking a sensible approach would be to report lateness as shrinkage if the time is not made back, but if it is, not to include it as shrinkage as I haven't lost any hours overall.

As anyone had similar issues around this?

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Hi AdHowell49,

Are you measuring inbound or outbound center ? TOIL should not bring any impact to outbound as they earn and spend = 0 unless you are approving for extra then it make different for output for the week. So the input volume and staff allocation are you concern. If that week volume was low, definately good to release extra FTE so you can req them to replace while volume high on another week.

But for inbound the impact will be when extra people leaving early, replacement will needed unless that period of time are low call period you dont need that FTE there.

Furthermore, Occupancy should be also tak into consideration as 100% OCC will not be posible, end up juz agent get burn out or their work speed get slow / AHT increase as CCP tend to speak longer to avoid answer second call so fast.

Its important to include the shrinkages as except plan leave you might also faced unplanned leave that will impact your SLA if it not been factor in. so 10% are too low i believe.

Regarding latess are you need the agent to replace back the late min/ hours ? if yes then same concept for TOIL as long as they produce 7.5 hours daily. Again SLA concern, if agent come late, you will not have sufficient agent to answer the call.

You should not increase to 42.5 as agent 7.5 daily are fix. You are just try to allocate the resources to peak hours. FTE still 37.5 weekly, thing should increase will be shrinkages budget instead.

Hope this had resolve your question.


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We have written a very comprehensive article on how to calculate shrinkage in the contact centre

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