Silent Calls and the Growth in TPS Registrations

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Silent Calls and the Growth in TPS Registrations

What are everyones or anyones thoughts on the recent increase in national media interest in Silent Calls, and what are your thoughts on what should be done about this issue.

I know that the UK has guidelines, but do foreign call centres have a governing body/guidelines for dialling into the UK, or are they free from legislation ?

I heard a programme on Radio 4, which I beleive prompted several reports in 'The Daily Telegraph' and I know that at least one of our customers have been interviewed by Radio 4 on this subject.

I know the DMA have been very proactive in working against silent calls, but are there actually any guidelines for drops/abandons/silent calls coming into the UK?

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Silent Calls / Dialler Cancelled Dials.


As far as I know......

If you have a silent dial because an agent is not available, you cannot.

Call them back for 4 hrs.

Have more than 1 silenced dial per day or
have more than 2 to a number in total.




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I find them to be counter-productive in advancing this industry in terms of the public perception, and so I think more should be done to legislate against silent or phantom calls - i.e. ban them!

They are never productive and are always intrusive and should be banned.

Anyone else agree/disagree?


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I'm not sure if this just applies to completely silent calls or also to the 5-10 second silence which preceeds an operator being connected to the call.

It is the latter which I find most irritating as I'm left wondering if there is really anyone there.

This 'pause' cannot make the life of outbound sales advisors any easier so I feel some empathy for them too.


30% of offered calls are silent !!!
The post since 2003; However it is very important as we face such case and found silent calls reached 30 % of inbound calls. Are there any best practice to resolve?

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