Skills and roles survey...

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Reynard Thomson Ltd.

Skills and roles survey...
Hi everyone.

We're looking to conduct a small poll of the 'Voice members to get an idea of what you all do and your responsibilities within your organisations.

I've noticed that a lot of you have fairly senior positions, which is in some ways a good thing as this site carries the flame for the positive customer experience and this message is often stifled by those at the top. So, it's encouraging to see you taking an interest.

For those of you further down the ladder,don't worry - be proud of what you do - every little role counts, and we'd like to hear where you fit into your organisation. After all, you have a voice and we want you to be heard!


Planning & Performance Manager

Thames Water

My role
I am currently working as an MIS Analyst at a mobile phone service provider. Previously spent 5 months as a CSA and a total of 3 years as a Team Leader.


Young America Corporation

Skills and Roles in the Call Center
Hi all - I started out as a CSR on the phones. I had 12+ years of teaching experience when I started (Christ. ed.) so training was kind of a natural next step for me. I do new hire and cross-training on hard-skills (the database, phone systems, client-specifics, etc.) and soft-skills (customer service, feedback, sexual harrassment, etc.) I use Excel, Word and PowerPoint a LOT in my job; no formal training here but learn as I go and seek help when needed. Track all training hours for both trainees and trainers; track all testing/scores. Also responsible for ensuring that our test process is valid and reliable. I also helped develop and now teach an in-house Train the Trainer course, focusing on accelerated learning and learner-centered activity, as much as possible. May sound funny to some, but I LOVE MY JOB!!! I work with an incredible team of people, and I honestly look forward to going to work each day....lucky me!

Telecom/Reporting Analyst

Outsource callcenter

My job

My official title is IT Manager, Voice & CRM Applications.

What I do is program the ACD, IVR, Predictive Dialer, Admin. PBX, CTI Server, Email Management and Chat Servers. I am also responsible for the Siebel server. All telecomm implementation and maintenance is on my plate. I spend a lot of my time working with the clients and all levels of management to implement or modify call center applications. (As you might guess I work more hours than I should.)

I have been inIT for 13 years, and supporting call centers (internal and outsource) for 11 years.


UK Voice Tech Spt Leader


My Job
Hi everyone.

In total, I have spent the last 23+ years in the telecoms industry. I started off with Post Office Telecommunications (later good (or bad) old BT), as a field engineer, then a similar role with a small independent company for about4 years. I then became another company's on-site engineer in one of IBM's call centres, and then I moved into IBM's own internal voice group, just over 4 years ago. I now lead the team responsible for supporting IBM's call centres throughout EMEA, and this role includes admin, PD, consultancy, etc., you name it!

Vice President

Destination Excellence

Looking back....
Hi, all.

Our company, Destination Excellence, is a consulting firm that is specific to the call center industry. My 'title' is vice president - which makes my mother very proud, but we are a small-ish company, so my duties extend into the normal realm of senior consultancy. In other words, I sell the project, work/manage the project, and am responsible for the long-range relationship with our clients.

My experience is 10+ years in the call center arena, including the vertical markets of hospitality (hotels & airlines), frequency programs, retail, outsource groups, utilities, wireless companies, and financial. I've had the opportunity to work with HR groups with hiring and retention practices, performance criteria, management training, etc. My real love in this business, though, is on the operational/technical side. I've had the pleasure of working with all of the major ACD companies, IVR, CTI, and most of the CRM folks. Forecasting and staffing planning and operational management techniques are my favorites. We've also assisted companies with outsource company selection and contract negotiations (don't blink).


credit analyst


Credit control within a Call Centre
It appears that the majority of call centre information focuses on customer service. In the finance industry call centre work focus needs to be credit control or to use a softer phrase - credit management assistance. In our company we see the function of our call centre as having a credit focus and to effectively hand the calls use their customer service skills; in other words customer service is not the main focus but a tool for effectively handling the person on the other end of the phone.

Operations Director

TalkTactics International Ltd

Roles we play
Hi All,

I started off 15+ yrs ago as a CSR and progressed up to TL level, then onto CC Mgr. I left the industry and became a consult for Ernst & Young consulting to the industry and now I own my own training and consulting company which focuses ONLY on the people aspects of the industry.

I have to say this forum is the best I use on a regular basis and I belong to over 10 other forums - So congratulations and keep up the great work.


National Service Quality Manager

Rogers Communications Inc.

Roles o Plenty
I have been with my company for 7+ years and have enjoyed many great opportunities. I am currently our National Service Quality Manager (responsible for methodology and practical application to Leadership and Quality Teams across Canada). I started as a TSR with one of our lines of business and then moved into a CSR role with another LOB. I have been a TL, TM, Regional Quality Manager and most recently a Project Manager with a wonderful team challenged with engaging our front line to embrace a new era of contact centre excellence. I had the pleasure of helping to bring that message to all of our centres. Also got to facilitate an entire day of material to 175+ CSC's at a time. What a rush!

Sorry if I seem to go on! While there have been many "bumps" I can't believe how much I have grown personally and professionally in such a small amount of time!



Telecoms Analyst

Financial Services

Senior Geek

My Job title is Contact Centre Technology Analyst for a credit card company.
My role is essentially an internal consultant for the call centre business areas guiding them in the best use of the systems and technology in the call centre. I also carry out application development for those areas.
My team and I program and administer the Aspect ACD, Cisco ICM and Edify VRU systems along with some MIS. I have been in the industry for 8 years and have worked with most of the major ACD's and telcos in the UK.

Senior Training & Development


Senior Training & Development type thingy
Heh, well Im the Senior Training & Development Officer in a 750 seat outsourced call centre. I started out in this industry with the intention of doing it for a few weeks but as the years start rolling on by I'm beginning to realise that I'm on to a fantastic thing. I love my job, it is the best career anyone who is flamboyant yet has an eye for detail. I am responsible for Inductions, contract training, analysis, design and implementation of training packages, staff development (in the form of NVQ's and Asset). I have the additional joy of training new trainer to become trainers. Well, I guess you could say I have a varied role.

There you have it!

Call Centre Manager


Job Role
Hi All,
I am a Manager of a small call centre in Cambridge (15 Seats). I have been working for the same company for 4 years, started as an agent, then trainer, then Team Leader, and have just been promoted to Manager. Unfortunately we have just come through a period of downsizing (pretty considerable), but I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have just discovered this discussion forum and have high opinions of it. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

Call Centre Supervisor

Schneider Electric Ltd

Skills and roles
Hi everyone

I have just discovered this web site and forum and would like to introduce myself.

I am the Call Centre Supervisor for this Company and although we have not "officially announced" our National Call Centre yet. We are up and running with staff of 17 including myself. I have been with the Company for 13 years and I have gone from working in the Contracts team, After Sales Service, Distributors, Product Support Engineer and now the Call Centre.

The role is varied by nature I think and there is never a dull moment. Hope I can learn from others work experience in this Forum and hopefully pass on some of mine.


Quality Leader

TelstraClear Limited

Roles we hold
Hello there,

I currently hold the role of Quality Leader in the CS Dept. of a telecommunications company. Primarily, I am responsible for the coaching and mentoring which comes as a result of the Call Quality programme I've put in place. Our dept has two Call Centres - one for 'general' customer service and the other for management of faults - from residential customers right through the spectrum to to major and national businesses with complex telecommunications needs. There are approx. 120 staff in total. As this role reports to the Service, Training and Delivery Manager, I get to do design and develop training for our front line staff and Team Managers as well.

I started as a Primary School teacher many moons ago before moving into a Call Centre as a CSR 12+ years ago. I then moved to CS Trainer, HR Trainer, Training Manager and then onto my present position.

Call centres are the best!




Roles we hold
Hello everyone,

I have the title of call centre manager. I have worked here for 10 years now and i really do love my job!! I started as an agent, and worked my way up.
We deal with distributing sanitaryware and kitchen appliances to merchants on the UK mainland.
I am responsible for the daily running of a 17 seat call centre. My role involves recruiting, overseeing training and coaching, administering the phone system, strategy, planning and reporting,etc - don't you just love the variety a small company gives you.

Anyway, I would like to pass on my compliments to all the staff at CCV, and to everyone who contributes and makes it a great site.

call centre trainer

western power

roles we hold
hi all,

i started as a CSR around 4 years ago. since then i have been a 2ic, Team Leader, project liason officer, Quality Co-ordinator and then into my current and much loved role of Call Centre Trainer.

I am responsible for all our induction training in our 100 seat call centre. This includes: writing competencies, setting up programs, delivery, assessment, continous improvement and anything else you can think of!!

i also look after some of our upskiling. For example when our new staff start, they only learn certain parts of the job (we can route our calls to ensure they only get what they've been trained in) and then after a while they come back and learn some more. This way we don't overwhelm them and we can start intergrating staff as soon as possible into our call centre..

oops..i've probably gone on too long....sorry...i'm very enthusiastic about my job!!


jacqui wolfe

Training & Development Manager

Insurance Telemarketing

My role...
Hi there,

I am Training and Development Manager responsible for all development needs (including Management) in a 200+ seat outsource call centre. We provide sales and customer services for our partners as well as administration fulfilment, data cleaning and helpdesk services.

I have worked here 2 years and during that time, I have set up the department from scratch. We had no training packs, no procedures and no team; whereas now I have a team of 6 people and we have an excellent intranet system housing all our training packs. We also have a full portfolio of courses (all designed internally) and a full range of procedures. We have recently been successfully accredited for Investors in People, I am working towards a Developer of People award and we have implemented our first year highly successful NVQ program. And to top all this, we have just been advised that we are in the finals of the National Sales Awards, Inbound Contact Centre of the Year Award so things are very busy here as I’m sure you’ll see.

Many people do not see call centres as having the potential for a career but I started life within call centres as an Agent approximately 7 years ago so if I can do it, so can anyone!!

Training & Development Manager

Insurance Telemarketing

Oh, I forgot to add...
You asked about skills!!

I am Certificate in Training Practice qualified with CIPD. I hold an NVQ level 3 in Customer Service as well as my D32/33 NVQ Assessor Awards. I have completed many in-house training courses and am proficient in most Microsoft packages and am hoping to attain my Level 4 T&D NVQ this year as well as my D34 Internal Verifier Award.

Hope this helps.


Sr. Manager- HR & Training

Venus Cybertech Ltd.

My Skills...
Hi John,

I am a Post Graduate in Management with specialization in:

· Behavioral/Skill Training
· Knowledge management
· Change program/project management
· E-Learning
. Staffing Solutions
. Human Resource Management

Though I have a Cross-sector experience but got special interest in large people based institutions. Currently I am incharge of HR & Training for a 100 seater call center in India.

Cheers & God Bless,

Arun Kumar Das
Sr. Manager-HR & Training
Venus Cybertech Ltd.
6th Floor Pawani Plaza
Punjagutta Hyderabad
A.P. Pin- 500 082

Team Coach

Orange Communications

My Role
Hi everyone

I began working for a very large mobile communications co. over 3yrs ago. I began as a csr, after 7 mnths was promoted to a Team Coach, took a seconded role as a Team Supervisor which I held for 15 mnths and in the last 5 mnths have returned to my Team Coach role.
The Co. is going through a very large restructure & to tell you the truth I don't know what my role is at the moment. Before changes were implemented I was given a team of 12 csr's to coach with regards to performance, call handling skills, products & service knowledge, system knowledge etc. etc. I am still doing the same kind of coaching but instead of having the usual 12 csr's I now have a full wing of csr's (approx 70) to develop. It's extremely demanding, especially as I am the only coach on the wing (temporary measure due to restructure)I am self taught in every aspect & hold no qualifications. I guess the best qualifications required for this role is to be highly flexible, extremely patient & very understanding!

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