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Skype for business
I am looking at cost saving in a smaller contact centre model within my current role. At present, there is a small (25 headcount) contact centre setup using Avaya CMS to route calls through the IVR. There are also much larger second line teams (6 teams with total FTE of approx 150), working in satalite to this 25 FTE set up that have no hunt group lines and are not on any CMS.

Is it possible to effectively set up the first line centre on individual IVR using Skype for business and then deploy a hunt group set up using SfB for the second line teams?
Is anyone aware of any contact centres that currently employ this type of technology?




Call Centre Helper

Not seen one
I've not seen this in use.

It may be worth contacting Mike Matthews at TeleSpeak, who may be able to find a better answer. He is on LinkedIn.

i usually use Skype but not for business,, just to talk to my friends who live outside the country . .

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