SLA and Abandon Formulas in Erlang

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SLA and Abandon Formulas in Erlang
Hi Guys,

I have a question regarding SLA and ABN formulas in Erlang.
I try to get the expected service level and abandon level for a day, with 30 minute breakdown. Therefore, I calculate both values by using Erlang for every interval. I get the total amount of calls in SL and Abandoned.
But my question is, does SLA formula have into account abandon?
Example. In a 30 minute interval, I expect to have 50 offered calls. I have 9 agents scheduled. The SLA is 80/20 and AHT 240 secs.
What I get is 74,2% SL (37 calls in SL) and 7,3% ABN (4 abandoned calls)
So, the composition for that interval would be:
50 offered calls
4 abandoned calls
37 calls handled before 20 seconds (in SL)
9 calls handled after 20 seconds
Is it correct? Or do I have to apply SLA only for 46 call (50 offered – 4 abandoned)? SLA formula is considering that there will be 4 abandoned calls?
I appreciate you help.


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SLA and Abandon come from two formulas
SLA and Abandon come from two formulas.

The Erlang Calculator works out the SLA on the calls offered, not the calls abandoned.

The problem is that if you work on , for example 46 calls (50 offered – 4 abandoned) then this would lead to understaffing, which is already a major headache for the industry.

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