Small call centre help needed!

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Small call centre help needed!
Hi all,

So I've been tasked by my supervisor to get a small centre set up. This is going to be Small, x5 FTE maximum.

As this is very early stages, there is no investment available for a CRM/system. The agents currently fill cells manually on Excel then forward me the data to mine.

My question Is, can anybody recommend a free service/system to use that will streamline this process?

Very new to this so any help given will be appreciated!!



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Google Sheets
For a free solution Google Sheets (their online equivalent to Excel) is worth looking at. With this you can work collaboratively on the same document.

But sticking to a free solution may cost you a lot more in the long term. If you time how long your are spending using Excel, you may find that it is a very inefficient solution and that it may be cheaper to payto use a more streamlined system.

Google sheets
Hi Jonty,

Thank you for your advice.

Google sheets seems the best way forward for now. I think we are going to look at a form of CRM shortly but the next month or so is freeware.

I'll have a play with sheets and see if there's an easy way to implement.

Best regards

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