Sorry but another DPA question

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I am currently in discussions with my employer over DPA,

I am assessed every week regarding my call quality but recently i have been picked up for not confirming on every call :



first line of address


telephone number

Now i do confirm DPA I'm not that silly!, but maybe not ALL of the above on the same call i usually do at least three but i am advised im a risk to the company!

is there a minimum requirement that i should be covering?

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I'm not aware of any absolute specific legislation detailing exactly what must be asked for. It's about asking reasonable questions to ensure the identity of the person you are speaking to and can vary from company to company and also on the types of transactions being carried out. That said; name, address and DOB would be the minimum I would expect.

Whilst you may be technically right on this, bottom line is that if your employer wants you to ask four questions, then you ask four. It's probably fair to say that the reason for asking for a telephone number is more to do with ensuring you have correct contact details rather than DPA, but again, if that is what your employer is asking you to do then seems that you are just making life difficult for yourself over this one.

Ultimately, it is their call about the questions they want asked.

Thanks scott.

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Bloody DPA.

This ugly little topic never fails to rear its ugly head at least once a quarter at our place.

As Scott's said it really isn;y up for question unfortunately if your company want all 4, then your going to have to ask all four.

Due to the nature of our business we're very tight on DPA, and depending on the enquiry and how deep one needs to go, the caller can be asked up to 9 separate DPA Questions before a scrap of information is discussed.

in comparison, makes 4 sounds easy doesn't it?

Keep us posted Jim


How is DPA confirmed when a query comes in via Media (FB) this is new to us and I cant find any info :(

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