Specific day/intervals for forecasting monthly FTE requirements

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Suggestions for forecasting monthly FTE requirements for specific day/intervals
We are looking to forecast monthly FTE requirements for a 12 month period but only for specific intervals on weekdays/Saturdays, all day Sunday and public holidays. Essentially we are considering shifting our off peak demand elsewhere within our business due to changes in our frontline operations. We'd like to work out the FTE requirements (including bodies in chairs for service level objectives and shrinkage FTE) to give an idea of how many FTE we might need to shift from our budget. We use WFM if anyone has experience with it doing something like this but this is preliminary so even a rough calculation/approach will be a good staring point. Thanks


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Not quite sure of the question
I'm not quite sure what the questions is here. There seem to be two main parts here that you may need to solve.

1. Identify and predict your monthly demand. This is fairly straight forward and can be done by spreadsheet using a technique like Triple Exponential Smoothing (Holt Winters)
You could do this using a Forecasting system

2. Once you have the top level demand you then need to map this down to week/ day and interval. This would give you a more granular level of demand.

3. You then need to map demand to advisors needed. There are two ways of doing this
(i) with an Erlang Calculator - here is one you could use
(ii) a really simple way is to do it by observation - so if you look at the average number of calls per day that an agent handles (e.g. 55 calls per day) then this can be a really simple way to match demand to agants.

4. To get a good match you then need to do a schedule across the day and interval to ensure that you have the right number of advisors at the right time.

Hope this helps

Reply to Jonty
Can we do it backwards from interval data to daily/weekly numbers considering some intervals require more? What's the best way to do this? Thanks!

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