Split/Skill Summary Interval

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Split/Skill Summary Interval
What does % ACD Time and % Ans Calls actually include on the Split/Skill Summary Interval Report.
If 14 AD Call were taken on an avg of 2:25 is that 31.5 minutes on the phone in that 1/2 hour? What is the 41.05% mean for this 1/2 hour.


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Not sure what the 41.05% refers to
If you have 14 ACD calls with an average of 2:25 minutes that is 145 seconds
145 seconds * 14 = 2030 seconds = 33:50 minutes over that interval.

You need to check if you are using 15 or 30 minute intervals.

What do you mean by 41.05% what is the column heading?

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