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Vanquis Bank

Hi I am looking to calculate the staff required to penetrate a dialler file. So for example we open from 08:00 - 20:00 every day and would like to hit 15000 dials (around 150% penetration) and have an outbound AHT of 40 seconds (including all calls successful or unsuccessful) I am looking for how many staff I would need to hit 15k per day based on the above parameters.



Brun it seems this is a blended call centre environment, is 15K 15000 customers in a day?

I may try to help you but most of my experience deals with inbound, however I have managed some smaller blended environments, I cant recall if your 15000k is equivalent to 15000 people?

WFM Analyst

Hi Brun,

15000 Volume Daily

40 AHT

600000 Total AHT

166.67 Hours Require

8 FTE / Prod Hours

20.83 FTE Require

But you will need to add in shrinkages and occupancy

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