Staff development plans

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Staff development plans
I am currently trying to rewrite my staff's Personal Development plans to make them more meaningful and measurable.

The problem I am having is that some of their duties are hard to quantify & measure. Would anyone like to share ideas with me on this one?

I have two schedulers and one planner in my team.


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ask them
I'd say ask them what they think their duties are and how well they did. hell...get them to fill in their own personal developmental plans. They would know best what they want and can do.



Link PDP's to KPI's and corporate objectives.
I disagree with Justin as this is not best practice or legally enforceable.

Their KPI's should be linked with their jobs descriptions. Any PDP should be based upon their KPI's and result from them whilst at the same time feeding into departmental and corporate strategies.

If as you havent got any quantifiable or measurable KPI's for these positions then you need to go back to square one and write an accurate job description with deliverable KPI's. HR and Training are knowledge silos for job evaluations.


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Ill disagree in part with myself
Im not saying you ratify the Performance Appraisal without reviewing it but I think you should definetly get them involved in the process so they understand where they stand.

I definetly agree though that your KPI's should have been cleary defined in your job description.

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