Staff needed in a month

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Staff needed in a month
Hi guys,
Operation Manager gave me total amount of hours for a month which is 6000 hours and I were told to provide total amount of staff required that month. How can I do it?


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Work out the number of staff per day
Work out the number of staff per day and then put it into an Erlang Calculator

There are 4.2 weeks per month.

You then need to work out the distribution of calls across the week

So as a rough guide if you were open 5 days a week you would get a profile like this (these are UK figures - you would need to do an estimate based on your own calling patterns)

Monday 23.8%
Tuesday 20.8%
Wednesday 19.8%
Thursday 18.8%
Friday 16.8%

So if you get 10,000 calls per month

10000 / 4.2 = 2381 calls per week

So Monday = 2381 * 23.8 / 100 = 567 Calls

You need to then put this into an Erlang Calculator

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