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Staff Structure
Hi All.

Its the first time I've tried this as a way to solve a problem , so here goes

We are an inbound call centre, working 6pm-9am Mon to Thur, then from 6pm Fri-9am Mon, so antisocial hours, I have between 4 and 20 agents on shift at any time.It is also made worse by the fact that we have 2 call centres, 1 made up entirely of newly recruited staff with no experience of the company and our policies/procedures.
At the moment our staff structure simply does not work.Wrong people with responsibility etc. I am looking therfore at a complete overhaul.
Would any of you be prepared to share your staffing structures, and job descriptions with me. Especially if anyone has an inbound,Out Of Hours call centre (Hmmm..dont think there are many around)

I look forward to hearing from you
Amanda :-)

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Staff Structure
Hi Amanda!

Seems like you are facing one interesting situation here. Here are some recommendations I can give you:

1)Meet with your Recruitment team and calibrate in terms of agents' skills that you require for your team, giving them the clear skill sets and background you need for an agent will ensure that you only get qualified agents on the floor. ( you can identify the skills set and background based on the tasks that you want them to accomplish for you.)

2)Now, if you have existing agents who you classified as "wrong people", you can do any of the following:

a) Identify their areas of opportunities and address these by giving them the training and coaching. You need to define the time frame for this and the performance improvements that you are expecting after their training.
b) Identify their strengths and re-assign them to a position where you can maximize their talents.
c) Let go of them and hire the right person

3) You mentioned that one of the centers that you are currently running is made up of entirely new team. You can assign either temporarily or permanently one of your tenured/top supervisors from your other center to help you run the center with new staff? This way, you will have at least one leader who knows the ins and outs of your company.

One way to attract people to work during antisocial hours is to compensate them higher than those who get to work normal hours. This works for me as I am running a center in the Philippines and we worked at night to serve the customers in US and yes, UK, this means that while the entire Philippines is sleeping, we are wide awake and working and while the entire Philippines is working, we are sleeping:-)

Hope this helps.




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c) Let go of them and hire the right person

Under UK law this is incorrect you cannot simply 'let go of people' because you have re-defined the skills needed for thier position. To do this legally you would need to make the old position redundant and re-advertise the new job title (and skills) and seek applications etc.

Neither can you force staff to work hours that arent defined in thier original contracts.

Any kind of overhaul probably needs the input of and HR specialist or you run the risk of running foul of the law and or contractual obligations.

PS. Peter's post is a blatant advert please remove!

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Staff Structure

Being in the medical profession a good place to start might be an NHS Direct Callcentre.

Whilst the agents in those callcentres are nurses, they will have soft skills similar to those that your agents require - dealing with difficult/sensitive situations and being 24 hours have issues staffing overnight.

They should have information on role profiles, contracts etc that may assist you in re-baselining your callcentres and how to move from where you are now to where you want to be with your agents.

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Let me tell you how I would approach your challenge;
1- Devise a competncy and skills map based upon the job and knowledge requirements of the positions.We identified 132 distinct skill sets for a general Inbound Customer Service call centre.
2- Evaluate all staff against these skill and competency sets.
3- Identify 'gaps' at an individual and organizational level.
4- Assess the availability of 'up-training' to develop or add the skills presently missing. Some of the tools you could emp;loy here will be 'off-the-shelf' and others you may need to develop internally or with the assistance of a consultant.
5- Assess the costs to 'up-train' your staff.
6- Assess the costs outsource all or a part (i.e. ovenight/weekend)to a firm that can demonstarte that they possess demonstrable skills/competencies your require. I suggest that you have the outsource staff who would work on your project complete the same competencies evaluation that your staff completed before making any move.
7- Assess the costs associated with staff redundancies and/or outsourcing.
8- Make a business case for proceeding in the most attractive option.

Hopefully this post is of some assistance.

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