Staffing based off ASA

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Staffing based off ASA
I need to be able to know the number of agents needed if the ASA is 10 min, not the handle time. So assume the average handle time and weekly volume stay the same. How many agents would be needed if that ASA went to 10 minutes for each day? How can I calculate call center staffing to include the ASA of 10 min each day?


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Set the Service Level Target to 50%
So if you want an Average Speed of Answer as 10 minutes, then you target answer rate would be
50% of Calls answered in 10 minutes
i.e. 50% of calls answered in 600 seconds.

Put that into the Erlang Calculator rather than the standard 80% of calls handled in 20 seconds.


I personally would not advise this strategy. It would cause very very poor customer service and would cause lots of callers to hang up. This will in turn lead to higher call volumes and when the get through longer Average Handling Times.

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