Starting a Small Call Centre

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starting a small call centre
Dear All:

I'm based in India am interested in setting up a start-up size call centre.- say 35-50 seats. Once we have a start and access the ground, we hope to scale up and diversify.I am seeing Jaipur as a proposed location for the call centre. I believe that the start could be a 35-50 seat call centre which can be upscaled with passage of time. Kindly come back with the details including project profile, cost details, no. of seats, Assumed Economics etc to give me an idea and we could meet and carry on futher from there.

Ashish Pandia

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There is was really no need for you to post an identical message five times, once is perfectly enough. I've now deleted duplicates.



ajmer call centre

dear darryl:

I'm sorry but I posted the same message under different heads like NEED HELP, GENERAL etc to get the maximum response. Kindly let it remain in the forum where it is expected to generate maximum responses.



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Dear ashish

cost for setting up depends on the technology.
for this size it would be best to go for VOIP i/o IPLC.

you would need a Dialer, Headsets Dialpad, Server, Networking, UPS,Gateway, VOIP minutes, Racks etc
Total cost would come to Rs 1 lakh a seat.

Or you can go for hosted solution where you need to pay per hour per seat.

you can get back to me for more details on hardware

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DarrylBeckford Limited

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Hi Ashish,

The reason you have not had much response is because this is an frequently asked (and answered) query. The best thing for you to do is search this site and read the previous posts.

The search facility is available from the front page. Try searching for "Call Centre Startup" or similar.


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