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Hello everyone!

I am a totally fresher in the world of call centres.

I am looking at the possibilites of setting up a Central Reservation Office (Call Centre) in India, for a group of hotels based in London, UK. This centre can receive calls from any part of world enquiring about our hotels. The caller will be provided all the information about the hotels and possibly confirmation of booking.

I am not sure about the size of centre, but definitely it should be scalable. I will need information on hardware, software, telecom, government formalities etc.

I will appreciate any help from forum members in setting up this project.

With best regards,

Madhukar Shah.

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Hello Madhukar,

Please Provide me with your contact Details.

Thank you


GTL lTd.

which part of India are you planning to set it up??
Dear Mr. Shah,

In which part of India are you planning to set it up??

You are looking for inbound call center ( as far as i could understd), in that case,
1)how many calls you are inticipating to receive in per hr.
2) what could the average duration of the each call?
3) what kind of UPTIME you are commiting to your client?


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Dear Tanmay,

I am looking at Mumbai or Chennai/Pondicherry as a potential location.

With best regards,

Madhukar Shah.

Business Development Manager


Hello Madhukar,

Please email me your contact details so that I can forward it to the right person in my team.

Hope to hear soon!


Start Up
Hello every one,

I will appreciate if any member is willing to share 'model plan' or list of basic requirements to set up a call centre.

I am wondering, what should be the optimum size of the viable project. I mean, is it based on number of calls, duration of call, origin of call, number of seats or else ?

Please share your views and experiences.

With best regards,

Madhukar Shah.


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Two Options for your Requirement
Hi Madhukar,

You can look at two options for your requirement:

1. Set up your own CallCentre with a third party company here in Hyderabad, India.
2. Outsource your entire CallCentre requirement to a company that already has got the infrastructure.

Advantages with the second option would be:

1. No further cost involved to set up an callcentre office.
2. No head-ache of maintainance.
3. Immediate start of operations.
4. Experience of the call centre business and handling the customers (Kings) and many more...

If you want to set up your own callcentre then you may need whole lot your time and efforts....COST again would not be so high here in Hyderabad, compared to any other destination in India.

Yes, it all depends on the number of calls that the call centre receives, duration of calls and I don't think the origin of call matters. Certainly the NUMBER OF SEATS DOES MATTER.



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