Strategies for dealing with massive call peaks on one day

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Beside recruiting more agents to meet peak of call volumes by over 300% - on 1 day - what other strategies worked in other call centres
Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping someone can provide me their expertise on this problem that we encounter every year in the call centre I manage.

In our call centre, we have 1 day of the year the year where our call volumes peak, from an average of 400 calls/ day, to over 15000 calls.

We have used the services of up to four - 3rd Party Call centres and recruited over 350 agents to meet our defined SLA of 80/180, however onboarding/ training/ ensuring 350 quality agents are recruited and ready for 1 day is extremely challenging.

What other strategies can anyone offer me as a suggestion that has worked for them ?

Thank you for reading my question and I hope someone can provide me their expertise on this issue.



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Can you stagger demand?
There are a number of possible strategies for coping with peak demand, but it does depend what business you are in.

The first approach is to use outsourcing to meet the demand. This is what an organisation like UCAS do to ensure that everything is in place for results day. You can read about that here.

Other approaches would be.
1. Stagger demand. Water companies get peak demand on the day of the year when the bills go out. It is possible to stagger demand by sending out the bills on different days of the week or different days on the month. Ticket companies can stagger demand by having a Gold Club where gold club members can buy tickets earlier.
2. Providing more information on the web site. Why are people calling? It could be that you can put up FAQs on the web site which will bring down call demand.
3. Move to self service. Similar to the web part you could move towards providing full web self service so that people do not need to speak to you.
4. Offering a messaging and call back facility. This is a way of spreading demand, but it all depends upon how willing people are able to accepting a delayed response.

It all depends upon the nature of the calls. If you say what sort of business you are we may be able to give more insight.

our business is the toy industry
Hi Jonty,

Thank you for your valuable input. Our challenge is that every kid opens their gifts on Christmas day. Very challenging to hire so many quality agents for 1 day.


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