Strengths and weaknesses of call centre agents

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Assessing strengths and weaknesses of call centre agents

I have been assigned to study the strengths and weaknesses of the teams of agents in the call centre, on an individual and group level.

I wondered if any one had any suggestions of aptitude or pshychometric tests, that could be included along with an analysis of the KPI's for the last quarter.




Assessing strengths and weaknesses of call centre agents

Strengths and weaknesses can be broken down into 2 areas, skills levels and knowledge levels.

Skills can be measured with ; Call monitoring, on the job observation, team contributions, call metrics, controlled testing; trainer feedback

Knowledge can be measured with ; The same as above with perhaps more emphasis on traning results and post training testing.

Both skills and knowledge measurement will provide you with real time anaylsis and ACTUAL skills and knowledge. aptitude and psychometric testing will provide evidence of likely behaviours, a rather vaguer measurement of assessing current strengths and is more likely to be used at recruitment level.

That said, SHL (Saddle and Holdsworth) general provide excellent tests although one usually has to be qualified/accredited to administer psychometrics.

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