Suggest me appropriate application/software for callcenter

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Suggest me appropriate application/software for callcenter
Suggest me appropriate application/software for call center with a unified platform to manage calls, email, social media. That which enables automatic queuing of calls, emails and social media Q/R/C to the agents as per their defined skill sets, generate service request number (ticket no.) - move the tickets to the respective associate for solution and escalate the ticked (with flagging) if the TAT for the ticket is missed. Also permit download of data for report generation and per-built reports too.


You may find issues trying to get this in one package. It looks like you need a CRM system and a routing system integrated.

The good news is both are available with multiple vendors.

I cannot recommend anyone directly, especially not knowing where you are (*), but, some quick research should find vendors in your area.



(*) Some companies offer a service where they deal with multiple vendors and put together a package for you. There are several in the UK, but as I said, I don't know where you are.

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