Suggestions for a Break/Meal Queue

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Suggestions for a Break/Meal Queue
I am a supervisor at a technical support company. Most of my team is our group of 10 chat agents and one of the challenges we see every day is the break and meal schedule. Because of the smaller size of the team we have to be very aware of who is in what status (on queue or off). Oftentimes we get backed up and have to keep a note of who is next in line for their break or meal. I am wondering if there is a software out there that acts as a queue for them to enter when they are wanting to take their break but cannot yet. It's just not possible for me to keep track of this all of the time.


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It tends to be included in most WFM systems
Most WFM systems have a built in scheduling system which allows you to schedule in lunch breaks. They tend to have an automated feed from the ACD system that shows the change in status and adjusts the schedules accordingly.

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