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Hi all

I read the article about the dress code in the contact centre world. I noticed a lad called Lee mentioned about issues with tattoos....

How do your contact centre deal with tattoos?


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This is a bit of a tough one, but I would think that generally tattoos should not be visible in a professional working environment. The policy should say that they should be covered up. This is particularly the case where customers visit the call centre.

You need to have a bit of latitude on this though - particularly in hot weather when people tend to use shorter sleeves.

It would be OK to show some tattoos on dress down days though.

I used to work with a former sailor who was a key salesman. He had tattoos on his arms, but always wore long sleeves to cover them up. On hot days he would fold his sleeves over, but never all the way up.

I worked with the same sailor !!

One of the best Salesmen you'll ever meet and very professional.

tattoo's come and go as fashion statements but as long as you are professional in your appearance and attitude I believe that they are ok.

"Most" people are reasonably sensible with tattoo's and keep them covered. More than anything else, some people might find them offensive, even scary. Cover up, is the order of the day.

thank you jonty, thank you rdholmes,

how would you advise covering up tattoos on hands and neck?

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Here in New Zealand tatoos are cultural so there is no policy what so ever.(I believe).

Each to their on. Tattoos make a statement or confirm a choice or ... whatever.

If you have clients around your Contact Centre and the Tattoos are offensive then "hide" that person away!! Seriously, now days most people aren't that bothered and many probably have tattoos of their own.

I wouldn't worry too much unless they are offensive or are clearly there to shock. If that's the case then the individual cant't moan if, on visiting days, they are at the back and out of direct sight.

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If they have offensive tattoo's on show, they probably should not of been employeed in the first place.

Am I allowed to say that!


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As long is it is not visible, also tattoos that may offend colleagues need to be covered or removed

thank you for your comments, who would pay for the removal of them. how would reccommend hiding them if they are on hands and neck?

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Lee-roy - in the States, we have something called Dermablend. It's a very thick, opaque makeup intended specifically to cover up tattoos, blemishes, etc. It's a bit pricey, but supposedly it's what movie stars use to cover up their tattoos for filming, and the girl I knew that used it kept hers a secret from her parents for a year or so.

hi derekk

thank you i will take a look at this product.

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Tattoos or No Tattoos,as long the person is a good sales person and well mannered there should not exist any problem. However covering those tattoos during weeks days is essential barring Friday's . As most of you felt the same. I think on Friday's one can show bit of theirs passion or creativity !

Weimer Communications Inc.

I think tattoos have become so normal these days that it can be ok to openly show them at work as long as the motives are not offensive. As long as the wearer is a competent salesman.

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