Team Leader Report Card

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Team Leader Report Card
My Team leads in my call center do so many functions. As a result, it is difficult to gauge their effectiveness. I'm looking for a report/score card that I can use to measure their performance and work load


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Coaching is the missing part
You need to be careful with confusing activity with effectiveness.

The biggest problem that I see is the Team Leaders spend too much time doing emails and not enough time on coaching and engaging with staff.

I think that building a report or score card could be missing the point. The only area I would look at would be to produce a comparative matrix between Team leads to see which ones have the best First Contact Resolution, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Engagement, Absense, and which complete most coaching sessions.

But you may need to keep this not visible. You then need to spend your time coaching, training and developing your Team Leads - many of whom will have been promoted into post with no management training.

This article should help

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