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Capacity Planning and Efficiency Manager

Lincolnshire County Council

We are a centre of 120 staff with service teams ranging from 8 to 25 advisors. We're interested to learn how colleagues in like size centres and teams manage the holding of team meetings and briefings alongside operational needs. For example, are calls overflowed to other teams or do services close temporarily? Thank you


Call Centre Helper


Four main options.

1. Normally you get another team to cover for the team meeting. This can then be reciprocated in return.

2. Hold the training outside of normal hours. (e.g. On a Saturday, or first thing in the morning). Not always the most popular option.

3. Take the hit on service level.

4. Have short stand up team meetings

Short 15-minute team meetings that are held four times a week. See this site visit.

Capacity Planning and Efficiency Manager

Lincolnshire County Council

Thank you for the feedback Jonty - it was chatting about the second option that prompted us to see if that was common practice. Like the idea of option 4. Thanks again.

Account Manager


I agree with Jonty , use the weekends and evenings as an option , maybe treat the team to a nice meal for doing this in their own time , great opportunity for a bit of team building and consolidate as much as you can into that time so you don't have to do so many meetings

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