Technology solution to measure non-ACD agent productivity needed

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Technology solution to measure non-ACD agent productivity needed
Our organization can measure just about anything via the ACD data for our phone agents, but we struggle with offline, back office, order processing, and chat agents. All agents use the ACD and are responsible for entering codes for what they are doing at any given time, but we will always be missing the data surrounding handle times, idle time, etc, since those contacts are not distributed by the ACD. Any order gateway information we have focuses on volumes more than time. Timestamps may be captured, but don't always capture the full picture of the work that is being done.

Does anyone have any technology solutions in use in their centers that they would be willing to recommend?

Thanks in advance!


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Back office Workforce Management
There are a number of vendors who provide Back Office Workforce Management solutions. I personally have never explored this area.

You can probably find a suitable supplier in the directory

Other options?
Thanks - I actually reviewed that link prior to posting, and I've done so again. Bottom line, we can't really track order processor productive time or a true handle time, nor can we really measure productivity. Agents do log into the phone, but there is simply not enough data captured. I'm probably searching for some sort of desktop analytics that could recognize what is being done, and preferably associate it with actual orders for tracking and analysis purposes. Does anyone else have insight?

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