Teleopti - WFM tool

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Teleopti - WFM tool
Is any one using TELEOPTI WFM software? Wanted to know your feedback on software pls do let us know how many agents are being scheduled.Pls give pros and cons of it.


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Teleopti - WFM tool

I don't actually use it myself but have seen it in action.

Seems to be a nice bit of kit, easy to use and fairly
robust, although they didn't give me much chance to break it :-)

Very helpful with information and answering questions even if Ollie
can be a bit intimidating the first time you meet him (He's HUGE).
All the staff were / are incredibly helpful.

All in all a nice company to deal with although I suspect you're
after more technical details.

Without going any further I'd probably, if in the market, have it as my
second choice.




ABC Ltd.

Dear Dave,
Thanks for info.


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WFM Tool (Teleopti WFM)
In Comparison to the other WFM, teleopti is sleek and roboast where one can be strong on analysis and reports. It seems to be an easy to use software and quite flexible with windows OS.

Teleopti schedule generation and break optimizatio
Anyone using teleopti who can provide feedback? :)

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