Telephone Preferance Service

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Telephone Preferance Service
Can anybody recomend a provider that supplies such a service?
How does it work? Are you provided with a database that should be built into your system in-house?

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Telephone Preference Service

Hi James,

I have come across a company who supplies TPS cross referenced data, if that is what you are looking for. I would rather not post the organisation as I have no experience of them at all,however email me if you would like the name.



Reynard Thomson Ltd.

Go ahead, post the name...
Hi Lynne,

You'd be just as well to post the name here as it might be usefuls to others who are reading this topic.


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Symphony Telecom Ltd

Telephone Preference Service

OK John,

It really is only a name that I have stumbled on - Energetic Enterprises. They appear to offer the service that James is looking at.

Perhaps, if they turn out to be just the ticket, James could tell us.


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Pro-active Uk
I happen to be working for a company in the UK who specialise in database sourcing/ cleansing, including TPS(telephone preferance service), FPS (fax preference service) aswell as various registers to remove recently deceased/ recently changed adress etc.

If you would like more information please email myself at or visit


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TPS Cross reference
I can recomend an option that will block any numbers in your current database if you are using a dialler for outbound calling. along with reducing call cost.



Thesaurus Consulting Limited


Go to the TPS website

Or contact the Direct Marketing Association. They will be able to help.


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My company screen outbound calls agaisnt the most upto date file in the UK as you dial. Which basically means you can phone any data from any source and we will TPS screen it as it goes through the telecom network.

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