The Call Centre Scheduling Software Debate

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i am in desparate need of help.

What apps are out there to assist with planning shifts in line with busness need ie: call volums vs agents etc.???

What do people use?

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I Know that Orange to deploy Workforce Management software on some sites and i think this TCS but the three market leaders are IEX, Aspect TCS and Q max, each system has its positives and negatives but they are all virtually the same.

Having worked with all three I would advise you to go to each vendor and see which solution best fits your needs.

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thsnks for help, We do actually have Aspect on-site i have leanrt.....



And Q-Max :)

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Scheduling software
My company uses Blue Pumpkin products. Are there any thoughts on these products?


Diagnostic Strategies

Try EasyErlang

The core implementation of most WFM tools is identical, so you should expect exact same result for “basic” stuff, e.g. agents vs. call load, utilization, ASA, etc.. There are differences, however, in the statistical modeling and in assumptions made about human behavior when calculating, for example, abandonment rate, retry rate, and so forth. If these are important to you, you’d want to understand how the tool of choice calculates them.

Try EasyErlang ( which is free, and calculates most of the required parameters over a very large range of loads

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