The Christmas break

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Are you planning to do anything nice over Christmas, or have you got to go into work?

I'm off next Thursday to see the in-laws...

So out to Munich, pick up a car and....

Not withstanding the fact I'll have a laptop with me and a VOIP

rollout to plan :-)




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I bet that Thursday will be a busy day to go travelling!

A VOIP rollout sounds a bit like hard work.

We are staying put over the Christmas period. My daughter is off skiing in Austria and does not get back to Christmas eve.

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I wish I could say, am But until I get a job, its all about being a home maker.A family get together is awesome on Christmas

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We will be spending it in Bristol with the family, we have been thinking about a trip to Scotland for the new year but the weather is putting pay to that at the moment.

@ Jonty: The VOIP Stuff is almost done, I'm really

just there to answer questions.

@pinazdarius: That's the idea of the trip, my other half is German, so, we're

taking my mother over for a family 'do'


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Won't be going anywhere or doing anything if we can shift the lergy!

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The usual rush. My parents' house in the morning, my father in law's for lunch and then finally my mother in law's for tea!

I'm looking forward to a nice break though.


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@applebyd I went to Munich a few times. The beer was great - I particularly liked the cloudy beer. I saw some for sale in Waitrose once.

@jason Where in Scotland were you thinking of going to? My dad lived in Stornoway for a couple of years.

Pauliner WeiBbier.

Available at Majestic.

The dark one's are superb too!

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My Dad lives in the middle of the Grampians about 60 miles north of Aberdeen near a small town called Turriff.

Lovely part of the world, I drove up last year, they said that night was the worst weather Scotland had scene for 60 years. I am glad a did but I certainly dont plan to do it again :-)


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@DaveA: It is awesome being with family. I miss mine back home in India.

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