The Meaning of ACR in Outbound Call Center

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the meaning of ACR in outbound call center
I received the case study for completion where I am unable to understand ACR concept below is the case study details
Case Study
An outbound contact centre has a daily calling list of 100,000 accounts which is dialled at an ACR of 100, occupancy of 75% and 20 additional vacant seats. All accounts are dialled the next day with an exception of promises and potential fraud.

Additional volume of 50,000 accounts is expected to flow in from next two days which will increase the daily calling list volume to be at 150,000 accounts.

What steps will you undertake to cater to this outbound daily volume of 150,000 for next 4 weeks in the best possible way

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Call Rate
I think that the CR refers to Call Rate.

I'm guessing that ACR means Average Call Rate, so in this case 100 calls per hour.

ACR is Account to Collector Ratio
ACR is Account to Collector Ratio

I am not sure for outbound, but for inbound ACR stands for Abandon Call Rate

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