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Hi there you lovely people!

Having procured, obtained and run many a dialler in the past I have been amazed that not once has any offering been able to do everything I want. I now have the opportunity to drive the development of an existing dialler to deliver what the industry actually needs.

So my question to all of you is "What functionality would you expect from the perfect dialler / contact suite?"

Specifically I am thinking about

- The basics you use every day and cannot do without

- Any really useful USP's from any dialler/contact suite you have tested / reviewed / used

- Any functionality you have simply dreamed of

Anything is possible, don't be shy!!

P.S. I am looking at this purely from a research point of view. You have my word i will not use this forum to market


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PoundTeam Incorporated

Have a look at the features of Vicidial. It has long list of features that have all been added by the Requirements of Call Centers. As an added bonus, the source is open so you can copy it freely. In fact, I would recommend you begin with Vicidial and either fork the project for your own version or just add to it and post back your additions ... thus adding to the base project with your own. (Unless this is For Profit, in which case you would just fork it and move along ...)

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