The Problems of International Dialling

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Hi all,

I've recently started with a call centre that does a lot of international dialling. Having never dealt with an international call centre before, I'm unaware of what could be classed as a 'feature' rather than a fault. I have a lot of agents reporting that on numerous occasions when they dial an international number, the first attempt fails only for the second attempt to succeed. Is there anyone out there who can give me a heads up on what I can expect from international dialling from the UK (the majority of calls are to locations in Europe).

Cheers, JD

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we had the same problem when calling internationaly from SLO - CRO. In first attempt the number was "wrong", the call failed, but the second one was successful. We solved this issue with voip connection.


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It would be worth getting in touch with the support department of the company that provides your international calls.

I had a problem with outbound calling a few years back and reported it to them. It turned out that it was an occasional problem with their least cost routing tables.

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Thanks guys.

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