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I am in the process of setting up a centre. Does any have any thoughts or experience on the thin client solution ?


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Thin client solutions (where the advisor uses a web browser)are the most commonly used in new call centre environments.

The main reasons for this

- simpler desktop

- lower cost

- easier to update the applications



If your call centre is going to be IP based then a very interesting technology that we use that you might consider is SUN Thin Clients solution set. I suggest this as it comes integrated with Single-Sign-on that signs the agents onto the phones and thin desktops simultaneously. From our experience of managing call centre technology, getting the agents signed in to both devices can be a significant battle.

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My two cents worth on thin client versus desktop applications. My advice is to carefully document each application that your agents will require access to, how many desktops you will need, what security and lockdown you want on the desktop (regardless of thin clienet or not),what investment in current hardware (desktop and server) you currently have and draw up a table listing the applications and which ones are available as desktop and/or thin client solutions. Then look at what infrastructure investment you will need for a thin client deployment versus a "fat" desktop.

The main benefits of thin client tend to be ease of central administration, access to any application from any device from any location etc . The extra expense comes with the increased server capacity you need to run virtual desktops on your servers.

Overall there is definitely a move towards embracing services in the cloud and thin client will play a major role in that.

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hi. we have looked at a thin client solution for our new call centre

our telephony and data network are all in the cloud, even so, we decided against thin client, and are using pc's.

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